18.7.- 31.7. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
11.7.- 18.7. Austrian Arts Sessions



19.7.- 1.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
26.8.- 2.9. Austrian Arts Sessions Ossiach
15.7.- 28.7. Bad Leonfelden (A) Internationale Musiktage
2.7.- 5.7. Kinder Masterclasses an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
2.2.- 6.2. Materclass für Violine, Viola und Kammermusik am Music College der Mahidol University Bangkok
27.8.- 3.9. austrian arts sessions
16.7.- 29.7. Bad Leonfelden (A) Internationale Musiktage

Bad Leonfelden (A) Internationale Musiktage

1.7.- 10.7. Oradea (RO)
1.4. Fortbildungstag Musikmanagement Niederösterreich (Leobendorf)

Fortbildungstag Musikmanagement Niederösterreich (Leobendorf)


17.7.- 30.7. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
2.7.- 10.7. Oradea (Rumänien)
10.10. JSBM Workshop für die Mitglieder des Ensembles der Young String Performers Foundation aus Kanada.


26.7.- 8.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
6.2.- 8.2. Wels Landesmusikschule
4.10.- 5.10. Violin- und Violakurs an der LMS Bad Goisern
13.9.- 16.9. Meisterkurs Seoul (Korea)
13.7.- 26.7. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
24.2.- 28.2. National University of Music Bukarest (RO)

24. - 28. 2.

8.2.- 9.2. Violine-Viola-Virtuosen, Musikschule Weiz (A)
3.2.- 7.2. Meisterkurs Oscar Espla Konservatorium in Alicante (E)
19.10.- 20.10. Violinkurs an der Musikschule Bad Goisern
21.7.- 3.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden (A)
8.5.- 9.5. Workshops, Mozaik Festival, Tirana (AL)
28.3. Streichquartett-Workshop, St. Sebastian (A)
8.2. Geigenkolleg, Joh. Brahms Musikschule Mürzzuschlag (A)
2.2.- 3.2. Violine-Viola-Virtuosen, Musikschule Weiz (A)
24.9.- 28.9. Segundo Encuentro Nacional de Violistas, Bogotá (Kolumbien)
22.7.- 4.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden (A)
4.4.- 9.4. Österreichisches Kulturforum Teheran (Iran)
4.2.- 6.2. Violine-Viola-Virtuosen, Musikschulen Weiz & Eisenerz (A)
24.7.- 6.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden (A)
9.2.- 13.2. „Entre Violon et Alto“ Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental, Le Puy-en-Velay (F)
7.9.- 16.9. 2. Austro-Armenian Music Festival & Academy
18.7.- 31.7. 13. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden (A)
15.2.- 21.2. „Woche der Alten Musik“ Staatliche Musikakademeie Minsk (Belarus)
18.10.- 23.10. Staatliche Musikakademeie Minsk (Belarus)
2.8.- 15.8. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden (A)
27.4.- 2.5. Staatliche Universität Thessaloniki (GR)
2.2.- 6.2. Royal Northern College of Music Manchester (UK)
12.11.- 15.11. Kurs für Viola und Kammermusik, Turku (FI), Musikakademie
10.11.- 11.11. Kurs für Kammermusik, Helsinki (FI), Sibeliusakademie
23.8.- 30.8. Kurs für Violine, Viola und Kammermusik, Nagano International Music Festival
27.7.- 9.8. Kurs für Violine, Viola und Kammermusik, Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden
23.5.- 26.5. Kurs für Viola und Kammermusik, Lissabon (P), Musikhochschule

Dear Georg:

Thank you very much for your email, it's very nice from your part to send a letter.

It was a very insteresting experience for the students of the masterclass. I think that it is very important, to receive several opinions about technical and musical things. We really appreciated the lessons. Many regards from the people of the school. We are alredy in the new building, so incredible, very big and modern, was a dream from many years.

Thanks again for everything. I hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Pedro Saglimbeni Muñoz (Prof. für Viola)

20.3.- 22.3. Nakas Conservatory Thessaloniki

Es war wirklich schoen dass du in Thessaloniki warst, ich hoffe, dass wir naechstes mal mehr zusammen machen koennen und dass  mehr Studenten kommen, allerdings alle waren sehr begeistert vom Unterricht!!!

Dimitris Chandrakis, Universität Thessaloniki
17.3.- 18.3. Musikschule Weiz

Lieber Georg,
nochmals vielen Dank für deine Tätigkeit bei unseren diesjährigen Werktagen für Alte Musik!
Für unsere Schüler warst du nicht nur ein einfühlsamer Lehrer, sondern als Solist und überzeugender Musiker bestimmt auch eine Inspiration für kommende Zeiten!
Liebe Grüsse aus Weiz und bis bald!
Renate Rosenfelder

11.2.- 15.2. Akademie für Musik Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 19th February 2008

Dear prof.  Hamann!

I would like to thank you for the masterclass of viola and chamber music which you accomplished in Ljubljana between 12th and 14th February 2008. You impressed me and the students of Music Academy of Ljubljana with outstanding knowledge, teaching experience and enormous capacity  of working with young musicians.
Professors and students of Music Academy of Ljubljana are looking forward to building a permanent cooperation with you.

Yours sincerely
Tomaž Lorenz
Professor of chamber music and head of chair for chamber music at Music Academy of Ljubljana
19.8.- 26.8. Nagano International Music Festival

Hello Mr. Hamann,

I am Kayoko worked as a volunteer translator in Nagano musical festival. Immediately after the festival I wrote an article about your lesson as below for the ‘blog’ in the website of the festival. Then Nakamura-san recommended me that I write it also in English and send it to you. I would appreciate it if you would enjoy reading it. I would like to see you again next year.

Kayoko Yanagihara

I am really grateful that I had an opportunity to participate the private lessons of Mr. Hamann as a translator for 4 days. That was a great experience for me. In his lessons I was able to see various students, for example, semiprofessional players, musical college students, would-be students of the musical college, and primary school students. All of them are working earnestly and they must have the bright future ahead.

Among those various students, Mr. Hamann first listens carefully to the play of the student, then quickly finds the point that the student needs to learn. He gives him/her advice one by one kindly and patiently, sometimes with his funny actions, singing or dancing and so on. Being given his lesson, the play of the student is rapidly being enhanced.

What impressed me most in his lessons is his considerate and thoughtful instruction as below. I listened to it several times in the primary student lessons.

“When you young students learn to play musical instruments, everyone tend to strictly follow the teacher’s instruction, concentrate to the score, and try to only technically develop the skill. That is not the music. That is like a sound-making machine. The music is what makes you happy and what makes audience happy. First of all you have to enjoy playing music, naturally holding the instrument as a part of your body.”

And more,

“Every student has the unique talent and potential. Therefore the teachers, parents, and other adults around the students should try to bring out abilities of each student, and help them develop their individual abilities without forcing them to follow the method formally.”

I was deeply impressed with such considerate instruction of him and I am sure he is a great musician with warm heart. I quite agree with him about dealing with children since I am working as a teacher for children.

Also as a fan of the classical music I felt grateful and happy that I was able to closely watch the musical lessons sitting between a “true musician” and a “future musician”. That was a valuable experience for me. I would like to say thank you to all of the people I met in this course.

Thanks to Tomo, Rika & Yuri, Yuno & Takara, Erika,  Haruka, Keiko, Io, Nozomi, Mayu, Yasuyo, Motoya, and especially to Mr. Hamann!

To be honest, I was so nervous on the first day that I got up around 5:30 and I could not eat at all (even as just a volunteer translator…). The most effective remedy against such a situation is, of course, the classical music. While 45 minutes driving to ‘Kyosenkaku’, I was continuously listening to the piano of Maestro Myung Whun Chung who I adore most. His piano gently cheered me up, and then I made a good start of my volunteer work.. Obviously the classical music calms us down, cheers us up, and gives us a great power to go. How wonderful the classical music is ! ! !