People about Georg

Lieber Herr Hamann,

Die polnische Familie war vollkommen angetan von dem Besuch bei Ihnen.Wenn Sie die Erzählungen gehört hätten! So aufgeregt und begeistert waren sie.

Vielen vielen Dank!

Ich konnte noch keinen Sommerkurs für das Mädchen finden,aber sie wird auf jeden Fall im August in Wien sein,vielleicht ergibt sich ja noch etwas.

herzlichen Gruß einstweilen,

-- Barbara Nemet 02.06.2016 per Email

Dear Georg,
Thank you so much for your interest and wonderful sense of encouragement towards the students.
Until the next time...
Best wishes!
Joan M.

-- Joan Milkson (President of Young String Players Foundation Canada) 13.10.15

Dear Georg,

It was really great to meet you and I was very inspired by your playing. You really are an exceptional viola player.
I hope we do it again soon.


-- Philippe Graffin 20 07 2011

Thanks for being such a wonderful person and teacher!

Nicolas Arguello, Bogotá 2012

Dear prof.  Hamann!

I would like to thank you for the masterclass of viola and chamber music which you accomplished in Ljubljana between 12th and 14th February 2008. You impressed me and the students of Music Academy of Ljubljana with outstanding knowledge, teaching experience and enormous capacity  of working with young musicians.

Professors and students of Music Academy of Ljubljana are looking forward to building a permanent cooperation with you.

Yours sincerely
Tomaž Lorenz

Tomaž Lorenz Professor of chamber music and head of chair for chamber music at Music Academy of Ljubljana

Dear Georg
Many congratulations on the concert yesterday afternoon. (Biber Mysteriensonaten) It was a huge challenge to play these wonderful sonatas - and it was such a pleasure to hear them - especially in that magnificant baroque hall of the Lichtenstein Palace.
Thank you again for the wonderful music yesterday
Best greetings

-- ELIZABETH LLOYD-DAVIES, English Heritage Concerts Management (August 2007)

Thank you So much for the wonderful concert on Sunday - I was so impressed with your playing, and thought the Biber and Schmelzer sounded fantastic in the great hall of the Lichtenstein Palace. Thank you very much for telling me about it, I so much enjoyed hearing this wonderful music in such an ideal setting and acoustic.

-- ELIZABETH LLOYD-DAVIES, English Heritage Concerts Management (Dezember 2006)

"I am so sorry abaout your decision not to come to Santo Domingo. But I understand the situation. I will miss you, my favorite-viola player !!!"